Testimonies From Guests
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 …We were married on 7/11/1998 we are two people meant for each other.  This was the best and most romantic place we could have share our new found love. Hilary is a beautiful wife and she added even more beauty to this beautiful cabin and surroundings.  This is a memory we will always remember and cherish.  For everyone that reads this book let it be known that I will always love an cherish Hilary my wife.

---Chris & Hilary

 …My husband brought me here for my 37th birthday as a surprise.  I was just diagnosed with cancer in October of 1997 and as you can imagine it has been very hard for us and our two sons.  Ryan 15 and Matthew 11.  We are unsure of my prognosis as God is the only one who truly knows, the doctors give me a year or better. It doesn’t  bother me except for the fact I would have to leave my wonderful husband and my precious children.  Scott I will always love you with all my heart and know that no matter what happens I will always be with you.  Ryan and Matthew you will always be my babies and I will love you and take care of you no matter where I am.  Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

---Scott, Clara, Ryan & Matthew

 …Each time I arrive into the cool green beauty of the mountains. I feel a calm reach deep into my soul and a hugh sigh escapes and all the cares of the world are left behind.  The beauty and simplicity of nature reaches the heart and your world shifts suddenly into focus an at once you seem to realize what is truly important in this world. My boyfriend and I have visited these cabins several times and each time is filled with many special times.  Those moments which will remain in memory forever.  The mountains are a special healing place created by God and showing his greatness and love.  I’m so glad I have the opportunity to share the experience with my best friend in the world.  These mountains have truly been magical.

---Greg and Anna Marie

 …We got married two years ago.  We decided for our anniversary to come back too Tennessee, because it was the most beautiful place we’ve ever been to.  We love it up here in the mountains.  It is so peaceful and my wife loves the incredible scenery. Two years ago, I thought that I could never be happier than I was on that day; but I was wrong.  My wife is three months pregnant for our first child.  It’s something that we’ve both wanted but were unsure of.  I was afraid that there might have been complications because my wife has had two heart surgeries.  I am glad to say that she has fully recovered and that we are both excited about the pregnancy.  God gave me the most beautiful woman in the world and now he gave us the chance to have a baby.  Being up here with her is something that I’ll never forget.

---Ronald & Amy

 …This is just a wonderful cabin, very cozy and romantic. Our favorite is the heart shaped Jacuzzi “LOVED IT.”  Had a great time will come back.

---Rob &Vickie

 …Tanya and I were married on the 12th and this was a very beautiful place to spend time on our honeymoon.  The trees and mountains are breath taking, but not nearly as special as my wife.  I love Tanya more than anything on this earth. We will be together forever.  She is so nice and as perfect as the scenery from these mountains.  This cabin was very nice and clean.  We appreciate the hospitality.  I would be willing to say we will come back.

---Steve & Tanya


…On September 19th Ed and I were married in a little chapel in Pigeon Forge.  This was the perfect place to spend our honeymoon.  We plan on coming back next year for our 1 year anniversary.

---Pam & Ed

 …Finally we made it to the cabin!!!  We had to reschedule twice this month in order to get here, for health reasons and then again because of the death of my father-in-law.     This has been a very difficult time for my husband and I.  You can see what a difficult month it has been.  We sure needed the get—a-way.  This is the 3rd year we have been to the cabins.  This month we celebrated 19 years of marriage, and being up here in the beautiful mountains and romantic atmosphere sure helps to rekindle our marriage.”SWEETBRIAR”  We will see you again next year for our 20th anniversary.

 ---Mark &Tenessa

 …For as long as I can remember I wanted to be married in the Little Log Cabin Chapel in Gatlinburg.  Well after a few rough years I finally got my wish.  On Dec. 31, 1998 Jeff and I were married what a wonderful way to start a New Year.  This cabin was just the icing on the cake. We will continue to come here for our anniversaries for at least the next million years.  Thank you for sharing this special place.

---Jeff & Tonia  OH

 …This weekend was a long needed vacation for both of us.  We both had a wonderful time being here alone we enjoyed every moment we were alone.  The Jacuzzi was great made us feel good so did the hot tub. The cabin is very nice just for two that made our stay romantic and nice.   We hope top come back soon if we get a chance.  This cabin is just right when you want to be alone, laugh and let your worries go and have a great time.  We sure did we just didn’t have long enough!!!

 ---Brenda &Randy

…This has been a wonderful birthday gift from my husband.  We loved this little cabin and will be back I’m sure.  It was so peaceful and secluded just as we wished.  Thanks for everything!!!

Dave & Carolyn

…We were married a year ago in Pigeon Forge and this was where we spent our honeymoon.   We couldn’t wait to come back for our 1 year anniversary.  We’ve had a busy year we have a beautiful brand new daughter that is 6 months now and a new baby on the way.  We are so excited.  We have a 8 year old son so we will be happy with a new son or a new daughter.  I hope everyone enjoys Sweetbriar as much as we do.

---Ed & Pam

 …Dale and I got married on Oct.2nd and decided to come here on our honeymoon. We have had a wonderful time. We had a terrible time trying to get here due to traffic but everything worked out great.  This cabin is beautiful.  We loved the Jacuzzi.  We hope to come back soon.

---Crystal & Dale

 …What a wonderful place to come to in the fall.  This is a birthday present from my husband for my 40th birthday.  We very much needed some time to our-self and this was the perfect get-a-way.  The scenery in the fall is a priceless view, with the brilliant fall foliage.  I’ll never forget this birthday that I spent with my favorite person in the world.  I hope I am blessed to spend 40 more years with this man.

--Mike & Tammy,  TX

 …HAPPY 2000!!!!  Alone in a cabin in the woods with my best friend, lover, mate for life on New Years Eve at the start of a new millenium what more could we ask for?  We brought only the finer things in life and blissfully over indulged in all of them, nothing beats a great bottle of Dom Perigenon by the fireplace followed by filet mignon and lobster, other than being hand fed Godiva truffles!!!  HAPPY NEW MILLENIUM TO EVERYONE!!!!

---Charlotte & Mark,  SC.

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