Testimonies From Guests
(Last Updated 12/21/99)

Hello!  I hope everyone that stays at the Daisy love it as much as we do.  Bill and I have been coming here for 3 years and each year it gets more special to us.  Thank you Wildflower Mountain for such a lovely place.

Martha & Bill

 I hope your stay here is as great as ours.  My husband and I usually get away twice a year and we always come to Tennessee.  This place is peaceful and private.  I hope you have as much fun and make as many memories as we did.

Aimee & Jason, GA.

 Hi, All this is about our 9th year coming to this area, always before we have stayed with the same people at another location, they are no longer there.  We thought of those folks as our second home, but now I believe we have found a “NEW HOME”, we all loved Daisy, hope everyone enjoys there stay as well as we did ours.

The Gang, KY.

 This is our first time staying here and we loved it.  As always there is never enough time.  We are looking forward to returning again with family & friends.  We highly recommend coming here for rest and relaxation.  Hope everyone who stays here enjoys it as much as we did.  It was a great belated honeymoon.

Rick & Karen, GA.

 We are on our honeymoon.  Today is Friday and we are preparing to leave.  We could stay forever we have had the most relaxing time all week.  Thank you Daisy for making us feel as if we were home, I hope to be back to visit on our family vacation.  

Carl & Linda

 When traveling through the smokies, the mountains will look hazy, just call Wildflower Rentals and ask for the “Daisy”, you’ll be comfortable with a price you can afford and with a place like Daisy to stay you will never get bored.  So us hillbilly’s from West Virginia would just like to say that Daisy made our time from home a wonderful stay.

Bob & Connie, WV.

 Hi!  I hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did.  We were pleasantly surprised when we saw our cabin.  This was the first time we ever called and reserved a place to stay like this.  It was like a pig in a poke, we were not sure what we were getting for our money.  This cabin “Daisy” was a pleasant surprise.  I only wish we could have stayed longer, but the next time we come to Tennessee we know what to look forward to we will be back.

Gene & Marcy, NC.

 Had a great stay with Daisy, after the initial shock of driving up this steep mountain, the “flatlanders” from Florida managed to settle in to this country style of living.  We were finally given the chance to stop, look, and listen to God’s creations and to enjoy the simple things in life. We thank God and Daisy for a week of laughs, memories, reading, singing, family sit down dinners, new experiences, new cultures, fun and excitement.  Romance in the Jacuzzi, pictures, nature walks and for just remembering what families are all about.  May every person that enters Daisy from this day forth experience her warmth, joy and peace.  We wish God’s blessings on you Daisy.

The City Folks, FL.

 Me, my spouse and our 4 year old had a wonderful relaxing time up here.  We really like this place and hope to come back soon.  The cabin was nice and we really gelt at home.  Thanks for everything Daisy.

The Kentucky Clan

Tony, Maria & Kristen

 My husband and I came here for our honeymoon.  We arrived Sunday evening and immediately enjoyed our selves the minute we got here.  This is a beautiful cabin, we have had a whole week of relaxing and romancing.  It has turned out to be a very memorable week.  We both feel closer than ever.  I hope the Daisy brings as many beautiful memories as it has for us.  We hope to be back soon.

Mark & Julie

 We were on our honeymoon, it was very peaceful and private, loved the hot tub! I hate that our time is up everything was very neat and clean. Honeymooners enjoy if you had half the fun we did you’ll be doing fine.

John & Lisa

 We arrived early on Friday morning, when we got to the top of the mountain we could not believe how private it was.  It was great to have time by our selves and not share it with anyone.  We leave today going home a little sad but looking forward to sharing this place with everyone. We came as two different people and we will leave as one.  We were married on Oct. 15, 1999.  The Daisy turned into a honeymoon hide a way and yes we will return year after year.

R& K, MS.

 Hi All (again) we are back.  This is our 2nd stay with Daisy this year is better than last.  We will go home feeling relaxed and full of a lot of memories. It’s been great. We highly recommend going over the mountain. It was beautiful. Hope everyone gets as much from Daisy as we did.


 Thanks again Daisy for a wonderful few days.  We spent our honeymoon here 5 years ago.  We started our married memories with you.  This trip we celebrated our 5 years anniversary and had an even better time. Thanks again see you in 5 more.

Lisa & Dwight

 We have spent a wonderful week here, away from the hussle and bussle of the world.  The cabin was very pleasant, and very comfortable. Make sure to try the hot tub.  It was great to get out and walk around the mountaintop here you can walk for hours.  Make sure you watch where you put your trash.  We had a raccoon break in and grab some garbage, he was beautiful but tore a big hole in the porch screen.  Hope you have as much fun as we did enjoying nature and the beautiful mountains.

Curtis, Debbie, Virgil & Sara, WV. & Ky.

 Dear Daisy, thanks for being such a wonderful hideaway.


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