Testimonies From Guests
(Last Updated 12/21/99)

“…Shall never forget such a lovely setting. Memories will last forever to reflect on the past in this beautiful old cabin, look at the happy present and plan for a long happy life together we will surely return!”

--Martinsville, IN

  “…The cabin was wonderful. It was just what we were looking for, the perfect weekend getaway. Quiet, peaceful, romantic, we could not have ask for more.

--George & Angie, VA

  “…As always the stress an strain of normal ever day life melts away when we return to our home away from home, for this is our 4th trip into the past. We were married in Gatlinburg and spent almost a week here at Settler’s Cove. Our gift to the peace, serenity & love we felt here wasn’t quiet as much as we received. But it means so much to return year after year and find it still here a little stick basket with white daisies. We have spent a lot of time here and just love it. Our first year was spent getting to know some of our woodland friends. Charlie & Charlene (woodchucks) were raising their family under the barn; Woody & Juanita (woodpeckers) were raising their family in a dead tree up the hill some, beyond the brook (the tree is now gone); Mr. Ed who was a “stump sucking” white horse that was in the field where the “back barn” is (he loved apples & carrots); Leonard the lizard who keeps changing residence-1st year smoke house, 3rd year porch, this year hot-tub smart cookie!!! Last but not least Ceril The beautiful 6’ black snake, please do not harm him as long as he is here you do not have to worry about rattlers or copperheads.

 …To all of you who follow if you are looking for peace & quiet, a place to rekindle your love, or like us newly wed you have found the right place- A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN RIGHT HERE ON EARTH!

--Larry & Brenda, OH

  “…Settlers Cove is very peaceful and pleasant, a wonderful place to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We had a great time and hope all who come after do as well.

--Laura & Jim, Fl.

  “…As a girl I dreamed of a perfect honeymoon, THIS WEEK I LIVED IT!!!


  “…Our second visit to Settler’s Cove and it is our heaven! We simply cherish this place. Our 2 boys love the wood, making fires, exploring the mountains, just being boys!! As for mom & dad we are at home!!! What a wonderful place to spend a week with your family, talk, play, eat , sleep together. Our love deepens each time we visit. WE WILL BE BACK!!!!

--Sharon, Michael, Christopher & Steven, FL.

  “…We spent our Honeymoon here at Settlers cove. It was truly an experience that can never be duplicated. We enjoyed it so much that we plan to return and bring other’s so that they can take in the pleasant mountain atmosphere. It was truly a relaxing time.

--Ezekiel & Yvonne, TX

  “…We spent our honeymoon exploring the Smoky Mountains an doing lots of hiking. It was always nice to return to Settler’s Cove in the evening, to relax, to barbecue and to sit in the aged hot tub. We also spent a couple days around the cabin, relaxing, reading, sleeping, exploring the area. There’s a ton of birds out by the spring and if you lie quiet in the hammock long enough, you’ll see some chipmunks. Other creatures of Settler’s Cove include a skink on the porch and a one- footed toad. We explored the attic an didn’t find a squirrel, but 2 giant mice! Our stay here at Settler’s Cove has been relaxing a nice get-away. PLEASE, WAVE AT “FLY SWATTER MAN,” He is an elderly man who sits on his porch at the brick house at Thomas Cross Loop Road. He’s out there in the evening usually after 6:30, waving at folks with his fly swatter. Go ahead and wave back.

Lynn & Kraig, MO.

  “…I love this place! I wish we could have stayed longer. I haven’t seen any snakes or squirrels but we did have seven puppies visiting us for a few days. They met us in the driveway and have been sleeping on the porch at night. I have given them all names, Fat Boy, Skinny-minnie, Bashfull, Smoky, Scooter, Spooky & Spotty.  I would like to visit again later in the season.

--Guy, IL.

  “…We arrived Sunday afternoon and was met by one puppy running through the field.  It was like a scene out of the movies. We have really enjoyed our stay at the cabin it was more than we hoped for. The quiet beautiful peaceful days and nights is a little bit of heaven, sitting in the hot tub looking at the stars.  “A very beautiful place to share love with one another.”

---Alan & Doris, MO.

  “…What a wonderful place!!!  We just love the rustic peace of Settlers Cove. We only had the cabin for two days but I feel like I could live here. We’ve seen no snakes or spiders but there are plenty of squirrels. Today is my birthday and I cannot think of anywhere else I would rather be.  This is a little slice of heaven on earth. We hope everyone who comes here leaves as happy and connected as we are.  Always remember, ”Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right”.

---Beau & Wendy, TN

  “…We first came here after 25 years of married life when it seemed that our life was falling apart, are we ever thankful that we did.  We spent those peaceful quiet days together soaking in the hot tub and really talking and listening to each other.  We firmly believe this is what saved our marriage.

---Jennie & Dennis

     “…We really enjoyed our stay. It was so peaceful, a lovely setting. We will return, and bring our family.

---James & Becky, RO. TN.

       “…This is our third visit to Settlers Cove, we spent our honeymoon here in 1998. Each visit has been around our anniversary.  This time we brought the kids and introduced them to the place where mommy and daddy started their life together.

At our wedding a family friend wished us 49 years of happiness because if you make it to 49 then 50 is a given. I’m sure there will be many more visits in these now 40 years remaining. On behalf of all of us who have gone before to those who are here for the first time:  WELCOME TO THE ‘SETTLERS ‘ FAMILY

---Leanne, Walt, David, Adam & Leslie

      “…This place is wonderful!! we really enjoyed the serene atmosphere we have not been met by any animals though and we never saw flyswatter man.  It’s been around 100’all week.  The first night we got here we lost power so we lit the oil candle and it was a long hot night.  All around we had a great time. We hope all who stay here feel the same!!!

---Lisa & Ben, MI.

   “…We had no idea what to expect this place is just perfect !  I especially thrilled to find this old rustic cabin in the woods away from everyone.   We were not greeted by any friendly critters just an unfriendly snake, of course we quickly left him and did

not  see him again.  One thing I have enjoyed a lot during our stay is reading the thoughts of those who stayed at Settler’s Cove before us.  What a neat idea!  I’m sorry we missed the white horse and the pups, but am glad the one pup left found a new home.  This is one trip we will never forget.  We hope to come again next year.  Enjoyed very much!!!

---Lynn, Todd, Chris & Austin, IN.

  “…I married the man of my dreams today and we spent our honeymoon here at Settler’s Cove.  We were not sure what to expect when we drove down the lone driveway.  Once inside however we were delighted!!  The rustic atmosphere was just what we had hoped for.  It was a very peaceful and relaxing weekend.  We also had needed this get away for a long time.  We did not get to see the black snake or puppies, but we did have a very shy lizard on the front porch and a visitor in the kitchen. It’s time to go back now but we plan to return next year.


---Pam & Mark, OH.

…We are leaving today this is our second time here.  We brought our kids and our sons’ girlfriend everyone had a great time.  The first night we sat in the dark with only the oil lamp and I told the kids ghost stories.  We all had a great time.


 …Hi, were from Florida and this was our first trip up here.  We had planned this vacation from the beginning of the year and really looked forward to it.  Were like everyone else we didn’t know what to expect, but let me tell you it’s the greatest.  We just fell in love with this place. The yard is just great with all the animals talking to you.  This is God’s country for sure.  We wish anyone else who visits here the peace and serenity of this fantastic homestead.

---Bernie & Sandy, FL.

 …We had a great time.  We came down to get away for a weekend.  The house and barn brought back memories of my grandparents.  We will be back.

---Patty & Scott, OH.

 …This is a real nice place my husband and I loved it!  We were here for our anniversary and left the kids at home.  We hope to come back soon and bring them with us. They’ll be fighting over who gets to sleep in the bunkhouse.  Anyway this has been real cozy.  We loved going outside and not a single person around.  We saw the lizard but not the snake (Thank God).  We’ll be back soon.

---Darrel & Dawn, NC.

 …We arrived about 3:30 am. We really didn’t know what to expect when we finally found the driveway.  It was a little unnerving arriving in the dark in what seemed to be a place out in the middle of nowhere.  It is exactly what we wanted.  This is our honeymoon and we didn’t want to be in the hustle and bustle.  It has really been a relaxing and enjoyable trip.  It has given us time to really listen and talk to each other and grow very close.  We plan to come back soon.  It has been too hot for the fireplace, but we turned out all the lights and lit the gas lamp, found 2 candles and lit them. Then we sat back and listened to the radio.  It was really romantic. 

--Mike & Johnnie, SC.

 …This is a great place!! This is our 1st time here and we’ll be sure to return.  This is a great place for just laying back and relaxing and visiting with good friends.  Thanks Patty and Kasey for inviting us.

---Kim & Miles, IN.

 …As newlyweds we headed toward Settlers Cove with anticipation.  As the day stretched on and the sun hid from the sky we were still not there, the anticipation quickly turned to an uneasy feeling.  Upon arrival with my wife following close on my heels we ventured in the cabin.  It was still a little tense and my wife made sure I looked under all the beds, in all the dark corners and made sure I took all the knives to bed with us. (Silly isn’t it).  We heard many noises from the floor cracking and the tin popping. When we awoke the uneasy feeling was definitely gone. It was beautiful, like a dream I had longed to live since a little boy.  The peace we experienced was unexplainable and the joy was never ending.  Settlers’ Cove was a dream come true.  We enjoyed waking every morning to the sound of squirrels running along the roof.  Watching the groundhogs and deer in the fields was also a treat.  Cooking on the stove was a treat for my wife.  I thought maybe a challenge but all turned out all right.  We had a lot of fun watching God’s beautiful creation from the porch at Settler’s Cove.  A great place to get away to experience peace and see all the wonderful blessings God has given to al mankind.  We never would find a more beautiful place to start our lives than here.

---Joe & Amy, NC.

 …We’re back again!  Just can’t get enough of this place.  This time we brought my mother and her significant other. They like us love Settler’s Cove.  We took them to Dixie Stampede Saturday night, Arnold doesn’t care for chicken and when they plopped that whole chicken on his plate mom and Larry said they wished they had a camera. Yesterday we went to the Apple Barn then to Cades Cove, the Chimneys picnic area for a late lunch.  Then to Newfound Gap on the Tennessee, North Carolina border.  Then back to the cabin for supper, hot tub, fire, with unseasoned wet wood outside for marshmallows, cards then bed. We are leaving today regretfully for home.  Be back next year.

---Brenda, Larry, Roxy & Arnie


 …Our third visit with more to come and it is more wonderful everytime.  The weather was absolutely perfect, so clear.  As we “Settler’s Family”, please take care of this paradise it is just so peaceful to come to.  Our boys again enjoyed themselves, exploring, playing football and sitting by the campfire.  It’s so perfect. Again another bonding experience.  We will be back next year.           

---Sharon, Michael, Christopher & Steven, FL.

 …This is the first time we’ve been in this area having just moved to the Atlanta area in Sept. but it surely won’t be our last visit.  We feel very lucky to have found this wonderful cabin.  It was very nicely prepared when we arrived warm and inviting.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to spend my birthday and Valentine’s Day.  We look forward to coming back very soon.  Thanks for the wonderful care you’ve taken of this place.  Your guest appreciate it.

---Kathy & Michael, GA.

 …This is our second time to be here it is a nice place we have enjoyed it both times.  I am 83 years old.  My daughter and two granddaughters brought me here for my birthday and my grandson.  Thanks for the little cabin. This place is beautiful!!!

---Ethel, Christine, Wayne & Debrah, NC.

 …This was my second visit here.  I love this cabin, and the whole area.  My wife and I were married March 12, 1982, we didn’t go anywhere on vacation the first 10 years we were married.  We came to the Smokies 3-12-92, were hypnotized been back two or three times a year since second time here I LOVE IT!!! 

---Wayne & Chris, AL.

 …It is a lovely day, sun shining, rested, no stress.  We have our plans for the day, coming back here to eat, then go home.  Thanks to our sis-in-law for reserving grammy, ma-in-law, & lovely wife we had a wonderful time, looking forward to being back one day.

---Chris & Wayne

 …Back once again to our peaceful get away.  It’s always nice to “come home” to Settler’s Cove.  The weather has been mostly cloudy, but that does not change the relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating time we spend here.  The hot tub is wonderful and the porch swing relaxing as always.  But we sure do miss the barn.  This trip was also made in order to attend our nephew’s graduation from Vanderbilt Medical School and to celebrate Dennis graduation (my husband) from U of S.C. He made it!  We are happy and proud, all of our girls and son-in-laws are too.  We haven’t seen fly swatter man.  Don’t know what the future may hold for us but we know that God will always be there for us and hopefully so will “Settler’s Cove”.  We love it and highly recommend it to singles, couples and families.  Still hope to get all our “kids” here one day.  If so I’m sure each will write a note in the log book.  Love and peace to all of those who have come before.  We leave today to return to everyday life carrying a new outlook as always after being here in this wonderful little cabin.  Sorry Brenda, we were unable to but the tape, but after driving to Nashville for my nephew’s graduation we never left the farm again.  Glad ya’ll made it back and yes, I know our baby is grown too.  Best of luck to everyone!!

---Dennis & Jennie, SC.

 …Happy Memorial Day! Especially to those who served our country.  This beautiful wonderful country of ours, (Oops a dragonfly is close at hand).  We have so enjoyed this “Little House on the Prairie”.  It’s pretty amazing to think how people lived in the early 1800’s.  When you live here for only awhile you realize how far we’ve come but also how much we’ve lost.  What a lovely peaceful retreat this has been for Mark and I.  We live in Atlanta so you can imagine or know how hectic life can be.  We were delighted today to hear that my most special nephew Richie who is in the Marines, has left Albania and is headed for Naples, Italy.  The experience of helping to build tent cities for the refuges Albanians, has been a most humbling experience for him.  We have so much to be grateful for , our freedom, our country and most of all God’s blessing on us all.  We pray for peace and for all those who suffer during this time of war.  WE send a special prayer to all of our men and women in the armed forces and those who served before them.  Thank you God for this weekend and may God bless and keep all of you safe.

---Linda & Mark, GA.

P.S.  Don’t you just love this place!!!!

 …This is the first time I’ve been here and the house is awesome!! When we first got here I smelled firewood.  Today has been all right, I got awful headace, and my stepdad and grandpa tried to scare the bejesus out of my sister and me.  We were telling ghost stories and all of the sudden we heard something that sounded like a bear!  It was my grandpa , he did scare the bejesus out of us.  We ran to the house my sister was crying there were tears in my eyes well I was almost crying it was so darn funny to my mom & me.  We really didn’t do much why we were here but we still had fun.

---Staci age 11 ˝

 …We enjoyed our stay here.  It’s a really nice place.  It was great just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.

---Paul & Naomi, MI.

 …We had a great time again.  It’s our second trip to the cabin.  We went to the caverns-neat-cool.  We drove an hiked all over the place.  Yesterday we hiked up the Rainbow fall trail and meet a bear on the trail a half hour from the top.  Well we turned around since we didn’t know his name.  We saw some rocket scientist chase after a bear and cubs the day before at Cades Cove.  I told Pam that he was going to get it. Moms don’t like that.  The next day on the front page of the Knoxville paper was headlines. Momma hit him in the back and he hit a tree, he was lucky.  We enjoyed our quiet stay here. No rain!! But it was hot Great 2nd anniversary.

---Mark & Pam, OH.

 …My husband and I spent our honeymoon here in Settlers Cove 3 years ago.  We came back this year with my two children.  They both loved it.  They said it reminded them of their great-grandmothers house in W.V.  I agree.  We have done the usual things, Smokies, Dollywood, Forbidden Caverns and horse back riding.  I highly recommend the Comedy Barn (clean family comedy!!) We had trouble with the hot tub they came out to fix it and told my husband they will be doing some remodeling to the outside (a larger porch around the side and a new hot tub).  The first night we was here the kids were so wound up that we ended up sleeping with them upstairs. Our last night is tonight we are roasting marshmallows in the fireplace with the air conditioner on.  The fire ring outside was not cooperating.  I have read the other entries in the journal and was deeply moved and enjoyed every one of them.  We seen the fly swatter man and the lizard. I want to add one more thing to look for this end of Thomas Loop Rd is a dog that lays right behind the mail-boxes early in the evening.  We seen him 3 years ago and he was here this visit. God Bless To All Who Pass through these doors.

---Bobby, Annette, Travis & Brittany, OH.

…Hi! I’m Travis from the previous page I really enjoyed it here.  When we arrived I thought and knew we would like it here when I walked inside I was nearly knocked down by the wonderful smell of a campfire and the radio playing.  I would highly recommend the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge.  I also enjoyed going to Dollywood it’s got some really good rides, shows about Dolly Parton and some great tasting food!!! If you visit the Smokies and you love the outdoors then you would love those too.  Tennesee is a great place to visit, and I would call it the Country music state which that is just fine with me.  Behind the hot tub is a pear and peach tree together. Both pears and peaches grow there.  Today our last full day we went horseback riding at Walden’s Creek riding stables that was great fun, then when we got back this evening we had a water fight but called truce after everyone was drinchec. Me and my mom was talking how my grandma would love it here!  I wish I could live here, where you  have your own space, not a concrete driveway a little yard.  I hate to leave but I have to. I also hate leaving the rustic peace and serenity. I’m only 12 I will be 13 in November so if I really loved this beautiful scenery and peace I know you will love it too. God Bless everyone who comes to stay or visit.


 …We were married September 17, 1994 and honeymooned here we loved it.  Came back for our 5 year anniversary.  “Saw Fly Swatter Man” he does exist!! On the front porch was the longest tailed lizard I have ever seen, very bright blue tail, longer than its body.  Watch the grill its tricky as well as the stove, glad we could stay longer this trip hope we can come back again.  Always take at least towels with you we got surprised by the maintenance man in the hot tub.  Wish all who come enjoy as we have.

---Terry & Rhonda, IN.

 …I can’t image have enough time to stay here.  We arrived here late the 18th after a terribly long day.  The blessing is we arrived here! And my family and Michaels parents are already here. Mama and daddy’s car broke down in Ga. On the way so we were unable to get our marriage license in time for the wedding.  So I have spent 2 wonderful days hare at Settler’s Cove with the man I have loved my whole life (or at least it seems); My family and his family and his 2 beautiful girls only minutes away.  I know without a single doubt that whatever has brought me here the disappointments of Saturday, the missed wedding in Pigeon Forge, none of that matters now because tomorrow I will marry the only man for me. Second only to my Heavenly and earthly fathers!! I have dreamed of the day my whole life. That day was not Saturday.  Tomorrow is the day we will begin our life.  We have started something together that is greater than I had ever dreamed.  The quiet peace we have found here…God brought us here…I see now HE has calmed the storm like never before.  I can breathe our final adventure with separate names from here we leave as one, only death will part us. We’ll be back for a belated honeymoon as soon as we can. Thank You!


 …I fell in love with this place as we were driving up the road.  We did see the “FLY SWATTER MAN” on the way in.  This is our first time at Settler’s Cove I am sure it won’t be our last though.  I have been reading all the intries people have wrote down.  Seems this cabin has shared a lot of love with a lot of folks.  I am glad that my wife and I can share in that.  We could live here forever and love ever minute of it.  God Bless all who find this little part of heaven on earth.

---Alden & Darlene, NC.

  …Hi, to everyone who takes the time to read this.  The place must be doing you good to stop long enough to relax and do nothing else but read.  We have completely enjoyed our first night here with all the sounds of total silence, cracks, creeks, and critters in or on the roof nibbling all night long but considering all we slept like babies.  We feel this land and places such as this are becoming few and far between.  So lets all take care and try to preserve what God had givin us and while we are on this subject take care of each other and the love that we share this is also a great gift from God! Enjoy your private time it goes fast.


 …Hi! This was my first time here and I’m loving it. The hot tub is great so is the fireplace. It’s also enjoyable when you just relax and read.  Were getting ready to go to the Smoky Mountains and hike. We just had eggs and bacon.  I’m here with Juanita, Vanessa and Bill.  Vanessa is my best friend since 2nd grade. We went to the N Sync concert together.  I hope everyone who stays after has just as much fun as I had. 


 …This has been my 6th or 7th time to the cabin.  This time we celabrited my mom’s birthday.  All of us had a great time.  This cabin is so home like it’s unbelieveable!  Every time we come it makes me love it even more. There have been some changes in the cabin.  The very first time we came the little shed was still here, also the smoke house and bathroom closet were unlocked.  I hope everyone that stays after us has just as good of a time as we did.  Thank You.

---Vanessa 11 yrs old

 …I have been to this wonderful place many times.  The peacefulness here is what brings me back. This is the second time I have spent a birthday here. I turned 36 on the 8th, I’m getting old!! But there is no place on earth I would rather celebrate my birthday! I’m sorry to say I have yet to see “Fly Swatter Man”, or maybe I’m not looking hard enough. We are the family that found a home for the female puppy mentioned earlier she is doing fine.  We were lucky enough to meet the horse too. I also got to see the cute little skunk that chased the man in his underwear back into the cabin.  Don’t worry about the skunk he is very tolerant of us.  We were relaxing in the hot tub when we heard a noise so I turned the light on and saw “Peppy” he raised his tail and I told him calm down I won’t hurt you and please “DON”T” spray me.  Peppy put his tail down and went on his way. Please take care of this wonderful place I hope all that enter leave with the sense of peace I always do.  To the management we need some work in the bathroom very hard to shower in there, I had to warm water and carry it to the tub to take a bath.  Please help “OUR” cabin we love it so!!!

---Juquita, OH.

 …I have returned with the two loves of my life, to celebrate ones birthday.  Other than a few things they seem to have had an enjoyable time.  We all love this place and have shared a lot of memories here.  All I can hope for is a lot more.  Life is so short so we must cherish the times we are allowed.  The ones that we are fortunate to share our lives with and love should be cherisher.  We never know how long we have together. I love Juquita and Vanessa with all my heart and soul. If I never love another I’ll leave this world satisfied.

---Bill, OH.

 … A Real Blast of The Past, Wonderful, Relaxing, Restful, Time Flies, I will be back.

---Terry, MI.

 …We’ve been here for 7 days had beautiful weather we have been most grateful for. The only regret we didn’t get to hear the rain on the tin roof.  It’s been very peaceful and restful, the bed slept good. A couple of nights we definitely heard a coon or possum on our roof or attic?  The hot tub was great.  We enjoyed our Smoky Mountain trip the scenery is beautiful.

---Joe & Candy, WI.

 …Hi from Kelly & Paul who are back a year and a half later. I’m curious as to whether or not the pink tulips we planted on our last visit came up again. Will those of you who come next spring write a note in here letting us know if you see the tulips.

---Kelly & Paul

 …When we arrived at Settler’s Cove the radio near the front door was on, it mysteriously quit playing watch for ghosts!!!

---Mel & Jeremy

 …We are here for our third time and each time we seem to love it more it has been very warm for Nov., but it’s cool at night so we do get to have a fire. Not much has changed since the last time here the stove is still a trick to work and the bathroom could still use some help and the hot tub needs some help but you seem to get over all the little problems.  Now if it would only rain it would be so nice. Our teenage children will be wanting to come back with us soon maybe in the spring we will be back. See you and we will be starting a new book soon.

---Darlene & Teddy, GA.

 …Another wonderful time at Settler’s Cove.  Our fourth visit and loving it more and more.  What a family experience we keep having. Our love for each other grows here.  Didn’t see any dogs or other animals very quiet.  The stars were brilliant, cool weather and blue skies.  Did rain for 2 days, the rain on the roof what lovely music.  We will be back next year.  We all just love this place for what it gives us.

---Sharon, Michael, Christopher and Steven             


Thru 12/21/99!!!!  More added asap! 

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